Baking "don't"

If you ever decide to make a pie out of a pumpkin sitting on your table, (because that's what you bought it for, and you haven't had time, but you're worried that if you don't use the pumpkin soon it might start to go bad.) and if you know you don't have any normal flour in the house, and you don't feel like running out  to get normal flour or a pre-made crust, or bothering neighbors for those items, and if you're wondering if oat flour will work well enough for the crust... let me save you some time, aggravation, and oat flour. The answer is apparently no.

Of course it probably didn't help that I forgot to add a binder...

As soon as I mix up the rest of the pumpkin, it's going straight into ramekins as pudding!



Judy said...

yea for you for trying! haha! i would have looked at the pumpkin, looked at the garbage can, and . . . tossed it! at least you didn't waste it! i'm not a very good cook, not a very good baker . . . but I AM a very good eater!

i'll be waiting to see how your pudding turns out!

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you :) I knew it was a risk so no big deal. If this had been for other people I'd have gone out and bought flour or a pre-made crust.

The pudding will be fine. It'll be pie filling in a cup with no crust!

Stella said...

Oat flour? So why did you have oat flour in the house? Why?

Noisy Quiet said...

Why not? ;) Every now and then I get a different flour because I'm not supposed to eat wheat. I don't have a gluten problem. Just a wheat problem. I'm pretty good about not eating wheat except when I go out or when I bake. - I don't keel over and die from it. It's more of a cumulative thing. When I eat wheat, I consider it the same as eating a bowl of ice cream. Once in a while won't do anything noticeable. Once a day or even several times a week and I'll notice that I feel like crap! I'd never intended to use oat flour for crusts, but it was pretty good in some cookies a few months ago :)

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