Audrey II - The Return

Remember yesterday's post? That was written a few months ago. I posted it now because, of course, there's more. This next one is from a little over a month ago  (If you only knew how much I have saved to draft!)

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Things were going great with the new mattress. It grew too, but not larger than the queen sized frame (since this mattress was a full.) and it was comfortable. Then this past weekend I got that sinking feeling again. Except this time, there's no hissing.

Unfortunately I can't find the leak anywhere. I've looked at the parts of the mattress most likely to be punctured. I even went over the entire surface and sides of the mattress with a stethoscope. - Yes I did. - I heard nothing.

No problem. I got the extended warranty right? Except it takes "warranty land" a month or so to get you your new product, so I'd prefer to bring it back to the store for a quick exchange if possible. But the only two stores within 2 hours of me don't have any more full sized inflatable mattresses. They have twin sized (too small) and queen sized (not doing that again) but not full. Both stores have told me to check back daily since they re-stock each midnight, but neither knows when the next shipment is due. Both think "soon." I'll give them 'till the end of the week. If they're not stocked by then, I'll go the mail route. Meanwhile, I'm sleeping on a half inflated mattress. Which has become an interesting and not altogether unpleasant experience.

This mattress is thinner than the last, so it doesn't engulf me as much. Plus, it only deflates in areas that have the most pressure. So although my back sinks until it's flat on a hard surface, my legs remain in a somewhat elevated position. As does my head, so no need for a pillow. And if I roll over, I have instant "body pillows" on each side. My biggest problem is getting in and out of bed. As soon as I sit or kneel, the rest of the mattress flips up to greet me.

Again, things shouldn't be this complicated.



Judy said...

I'm telling you . . . it's time to get a real bed :)

Noisy Quiet said...


Stella said...

NQ- now don't take offence at this. . . but sometimes I'm glad I'm not you. .. even if I do live your dreams.
Stella x

Stella said...

PS- what Judy said!

Noisy Quiet said...

I wouldn't want anyone to be me! Well... nobody I like! :D (Though I wouldn't mind some people having some of my more charming and useful qualities... since, then, they and I could entertain each other endlessly and agree on EVERYTHING ;) )

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