Spam to go

I got the BEST spam yesterday. Well maybe not the best. The best would have given me billions of dollars and not been a hoax! But the spam was impressive and made me LOL, and laughter is always good in my world!

The comment had several key words from my post so, initially, I thought it was a real comment, until I saw the name of the commenter! I don't know if a bot posted a standard form response, or if it alerted a human to my post and they posted a response, or if there are people whose job it is to sit at computers all day doing searches and manually entering spam. I'd like to think it was a bot because I'm quite fond of robots, but who knows.

Their response to yesterday's post:

Excuse the intentional misspellings. I don't want to attract more spam. The message said: Just put your peetsa in front of U, watch T V, and enjoy a layzee nite at home with a very satisfying dinner.

Thank you spammer. I might just do that. 



Judy said...

I think that sounds like a good idea . . . spam or no! Add a fire in the fireplace to that, and I'm all for it!!

Noisy Quiet said...

Right? Lol! Unfortunately the spammer's pizza place was nowhere near me ;)

Stella said...

It's perfect spam, perfect. You're right!

Noisy Quiet said...

I really did think it was one of you who suggested that, and then actually did laugh out loud when I realized it was spam! - and then was quite impressed with it!

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