Sometimes I visit a site where people post a lot of quotes. 
Some I like, some I ignore, and some I feel compelled to comment on.

Like this one:

You will regret eating that cookie. You will not regret running that mile.

(Unless you over do it and end up permanently crippled. Then you'll wish you'd stopped, smelled the flowers, and had a cookie.)



Judy said...

No kidding! Amen to cookie eating AND exercising - you CAN have both and people who say you can't are missing out on some yummy goodness - AND spreading propaganda ! We should start a movement - and our poster child will be eating a cookie while running/walking/whatevering.

Noisy Quiet said...

LOL! I like the idea of someone running AND eating a cookie! :D

I get annoyed with "one thing fits all" mentalities. Especially when I think it may lead people to do things that might not be safe for them. Not everyone should push their limits. It can be disastrous for some people!

Stella said...

I often regret exercise. . rarely regret the extra cookie. .. just saying. . . usually at Bikram towards the end: Why the hell am I doing this again, I think as I come out of Camel and enjoy the nausea and general wobblies . . .

Noisy Quiet said...

You know what would help that? A cookie :)

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