Quick update

I'm undecided about NaBloPoMo-ing this year. I may post about that tomorrow. For now I'll follow up on my post from yesterday.

Life is busy. Loads to do, deadlines, holidays, visitors... I had a great time trick or treating with friends' kids (so cute!) and then returned home last night to find that the recent rains had damaged some of the walls in my apartment and the ceiling in a supply closet fell in. I'm hoping the damage to the closet's contents is minimal (It's not a clothing closet, but there are a few things that could have been ruined by water), but I'm not taking anything out of there until repair people arrive since removing items from the top shelf will bring more of the closet's ceiling down!

Aside from the obvious annoyance, this messes up any productivity for this week since I'll have to be home for repair people to come in and out to fix and paint things - that's if and when I'm told they're coming. I'm rarely blessed with information like when to expect work people in my building!

So... lots to do and likely very little of it will get done this week, but we'll see.

Normally I wouldn't post mundane stuff like this but, like I said, I'm ambivalent about NaBloPoMo this year, so until I'm just "valent" (vs ambivalent... get it? No? Ok.) this can count as post #2 for this month :)



Stella said...

Well crap. Waiting for tradesmen type people to come around and fix things is an exercise in patience. I hope it gets fixed quickly and the tradesmen type people give you smaller time frames than the usual "sometime on Tuesday", or "Wednesday afternoon between 12 and 6."

Noisy Quiet said...

Well exactly, that's just it. Right now I have someone coming in tomorrow for the closet, but the rest... I have no idea. The closet is the biggest inconvenience, but not knowing when the rest will be painted will be a drag. - Not knowing exactly when I need to drop everything at a moment's notice and empty out entire rooms for painting, not to mention being home during the whole process and the cleanup that will come after since there's always a mess. One thing at a time...

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