Last night I dreamt I was in a room and a woman came in looking for something. I was annoyed by her suspicion that I might be hiding something, so I pretended to be caught off guard when she entered. This led to her smugly opening a bunch of cabinets looking for "whatever" which of course she didn't find. Eventually she left. But while she was opening cabinets, she opened two I'd forgotten existed. (How this would be possible I'm not sure but it was a dream!)

I looked in the cabinets after she left and found, among other things, a musical smurf toilet brush holder. It supposedly belonged to my friend's husband, who in real life (and dreams too it seems) saves all kinds of stuff.

I was going to ask if I could have it, because I thought it would be funny (and because, you know... I didn't have one) but upon further inspection I found that it played a song called "PLEASE love me!" which in the dream was a catchy upbeat song that was surprisingly popular with teenagers - boys too. One of those songs people gleefully sing without paying attention to the lyrics. Then I looked at the wide blue base of the toilet brush holder, and it had a plastic smurf in a convertible, DESPERATELY reaching its arms up to another smurf, begging it to marry it. - And I mean desperate! Like its little plastic life depended on it!

I decided this was a very sad little toilet brush holder and, with my tendency to anthropomorphize things, I'd be better off not bringing it home!



Stella said...

Geez! Analyse that one!
You don't want to be a smurf?
You don't want to be married?
You don't want to be blue?
You don't want to clean the toilet?

That's all I've got. . .

Noisy Quiet said...

I know right??? Lol! And then I had ANOTHER one the next day!

My friend's husband does save loads of stuff so it would not have been unusual to find something like that at their place. But it was such a desperate little plastic figure. Seriously... bulging eyes... BEGGING... I thought "I can't look at this every day!" - I'm the kind of person who can feel bad for a toaster, so something like that shouldn't be in my house!

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