Nesting Dolls

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I learned something new the other day. Russian nesting dolls have identical nested dolls inside, and Ukrainian nesting dolls have dolls with different designs nested within each other. - Who knew? 

The sets in this picture were 5 or 10 dolls deep. I didn't get one but I was tempted. I might the next time I see them. My favorite was when the seller opened a set for me and said "See? Father... Inside... Mother... Inside... Daughter... Cat... Chicken!" - I started laughing at "Cat" (Daughter... CAT?) but "Chicken" just about did me in!

* Every time I post something I've shared with friends in "real life," I worry they'll find my blog and "un anon" me or think I STOLE material from here!  For the record: - I TOTALLY did not! :)


Judy said...

You are funny about the TOTALLY did not steal thing :) I love nesting dolls, by the way. I think they are so awesome . . . chickens? haha

Noisy Quiet said...

The funny thing is, none of my "off line" friends read blogs! But things could still pop up in a Google search, and since I've shared several recent photos/posts with a couple of them, I really do think that whenever I click "submit!" Luckily I'd be fine with them reading here :)

Anny said...

I've always wanted one of those, but I didn't know there was a difference between Russian and Ukrainian ones :)

Noisy Quiet said...

Me too!

Masked Mom said...

I've always found nesting dolls fascinating. I love the feathery chicken center!

Noisy Quiet said...

I loved the logical progression of "Father" to "Chicken!" :)

Russian Dolls said...

The Difference between Russian and Ukrainean Russian Nesting Dolls is:
-a different country
-a different tradition
-different fairytales sometimes
-the folk clothes are different

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Noisy Quiet said...

@Russian Dolls: Interesting. Thank you :)

The Russian Store said...

Yay for nesting dolls! There are so many types out there... For more info and maybe to get your own Russian nesting doll check out

Noisy Quiet said...

@The Russian Store: Very informative site. Thank you!

PS: The correct URL for the "about" page has a 3 in the URL, not 1. (probably changed.)

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