Body Snatchers

I sat next to a woman today. A very intelligent, lucid, entertaining woman, who was talking about her ailments. Except she kept saying "Aliens." - I wish I'd had a tape recorder going!
I got so many aliens... And you know, the doctors? They don't tell you about all the different aliens you got. They don't go into details about your aliens! But I got a LOT of aliens in my body.


Anny said...

...are you entire SURE that she was talking about ailments though? ;)

Masked Mom said...

If this happened in my town, it would be hard to tell if she was simply misspeaking or if she truly believed she was host to a troop of aliens.

Noisy Quiet said...

@Anny: We were discussing disability benefits, which she has for back issues. So I'm pretty sure it was Ailments. But I suppose you could get disability for a bunch of Aliens too...

@Masked Mom: Live near Roslyn? ;)

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