How to "Un Follow" in Blogger

* Updated with instructions for the New Blogger Interface.

This post comes to you in honor of a blogging friend of mine, who deleted her blog a while ago, leaving her blog's ULR up for grabs. Said blog URL is now being used by a Prostate Cancer site.

For anyone who can't figure out how to Un Follow the old site (and stop receiving daily Prostate Cancer posts in their Blogger Dashboard!) this post is for you :)

To Un Follow a site via Blogger:

  • Log into Blogger and go to
  • If you're using the Old Blogger Interface: In your Blogger Dashboard, click on the "Manage" button (The "Manage" button is next to the "Add" button.)
  • If you're using the New Blogger Interface:
    • Scroll down the page until you see the words "Reading List | All blogs" on the left side of the page.
    • Opposite those words, on the right side of the page, is a link that says "View in Google Reader."
    • Next to that link, on the right, is a button with a cog on it. Click the cog button.
  • You'll then see a list of blogs you follow.
  • Click on the "Settings" link next to the blog you want to unfollow.
  • If you get a pop up window asking you to log in, then:
    • Sign into Google with your same info, even if you already signed into Blogger or another Google product before. (There are other buttons there to sign in with but I use Google.)
    • The page with your list of blogs should reload itself (give it a few seconds!)
    • Click on the "settings" link next to the blog you want to unfollow again.
  • You should see another pop up window with a link on the right that says "Stop Following This Site." Click that!
  • Click the "Stop Following" button in the confirmation window that pops up.
  • The page with your blogging list should refresh itself again.
  • Poof! That blog is gone from your list :)


Janmam said...

Thanks a bunch--just what i needed.had to go to the old interface to do it--but thats ok.

Noisy Quiet said...

Glad it helped. Lots of people have difficulty unsubscribing in Blogger. It shouldn't be so darned complicated!

Josie said...

Thanks NQ
Wow! The internet is just like an elephant it has the world's best memory. When I followed your instructions it got all tricky n' crazy on me (like the men I date) and tried to unfollow using my current personal. . . took a while before I realized then I had to click on 'another' blogger' personal I might've had and unfollow using that.
How did it even link the two personas? They're different blogs AND different emails AND different google accounts. . . hm.
Anyway, I think I managed it. I may have inadvertently unfollowed some others but I'll go back and follow them again.
Nice to clean up all the debris though.

Noisy Quiet said...

Hello Josie :)

It's possible you were logged into Blogger with one account, and logged into Google with a different account. Logging in or out of Google, doesn't necessarily log you out of Blogger.

Sometimes I can be logged into Blogger with this account (Noisy Quiet) but logged into Gmail with whatever other gmail account I'm checking. Maybe that's what happened with you?

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