The Tree Man Cometh

* From an email I just sent two friends.

Last night, on my way home, I came across a creepy 10 foot tree who was quietly walking up to restaurant windows, leaning down to peek inside, and scaring the crap out of people! It's dark. HE'S dark, and everyone he passed was stunned into silence or screams. I, of course, walked right up to him and started talking! Because I'm not afraid of trees OR crazy people! Lol!

He was visiting friends in the neighborhood and had decided to go for a "nature" walk, he's from California and is traveling across the country doing a documentary, and if you take his picture he smiles and says "Trees!" He was quiet, laid back, and very funny.

I ran into two neighbors, while walking with him, who were completely freaked out, and when they saw me talking to him they still weren't sure what to do. (I think they were trying to figure out whether to mount a rescue mission, or sacrifice me to save their own lives!) They eventually came closer and I saw them smile nervously, but after he left they said if he'd started chasing them they would have run away screaming. I said if he'd started chasing me I would have stared at him in confusion. (What would he have done? Molt? ;) )

Part of me wishes I'd followed him for a bit (we only walked about a block together and then I was home), but I thought that might seem creepy. - It's bad when you think you might be creepier than a giant tree on stilts walking around your neighborhood at 10pm.


    Judy said...

    You are so brave (and funny!) I totally would have been freaked out!

    Noisy Quiet said...

    Hee hee! Most people did!

    Anny said...

    This is kind of scary. But very interesting. Living in a country where sticking out of the masses is considered a horrible offence, I would find it amazing to experience something like this. I think I'm too stupid to be afraid :P

    Noisy Quiet said...

    That may be a good way to put it... "Too stupid to be afraid!" Lol! Maybe that's what I would be! :D

    Nah... really, I think for me it was "A tree? Dude, he didn't choose Vampire or Zombie.... The guy's a tree!"

    Stella said...

    Where do you live?! The peacocks, the wierd tree people!

    Noisy Quiet said...

    STELLA!!!! So happy to see you here! :)

    Masked Mom said...

    This is spectacular--both that there's someone walking around looking like this and that you struck up a conversation with someone walking around looking like this. Love it.

    Noisy Quiet said...

    It was weird, but funny. Not sure how I would have reacted if he'd surprised me, but coming upon him from a distance I thought "Cool!"

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