Not a hat

Phone conversation with a friend after her first "pre-chemo" shave

How's your head feel?

Ok. Bald.

How's the wig?

Hot. And tight. It feels like I'm wearing a really tight hat. I have to get used to it.

Better than loose. I mean, you don't want it flopping around.

Yeah, but it really feels like a hat, and I have to remember it's not. I'm worried I'm going to walk into a store and pull it off.


Anny said...

Is it weird that I've actually thought about that? About not being used wearing something on my head an accidentally go "What the hell is this?!" and pull it off?

I don't know why these things even cross my mind. I hope your friend is doing alright.

Noisy Quiet said...

She's doing ok. Still in the middle of treatments. She's better at wearing wigs now, but most of the time opts for a hat instead. Most people seem to.

The image of her walking into a store and taking off her coat - and then wig! - made me Lol! Like life doesn't have enough problems! ;)

Masked Mom said...

It's kind of funny that I should read this post the week after a co-worker ran over a wig that blew off the head of a woman in a Mustang convertible in front of him. Glad your friend is doing ok.

Noisy Quiet said...

Lol! I would have freaked. I probably would have thought it was a head!

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