A little Bounce in your breakfast

If you visit someone frequently enough, that you leave certain belongings at their home to use when you're there, such as clothes and food, which you store in a box in the top of a closet…

And if, to save space, you put oatmeal in a ziploc bag and store it in that box, along with your clothing and other items…

You will end up with fabric softener flavored oatmeal. Which, having now had it for two days straight, I can pretty much guarantee, would not be a big seller.

* I'm away again for a while. Please excuse me if/when I fall behind in my reading. I will do my best to catch up eventually!


Anny said...

Man, I wish I had something to blog about. Then I'd write bunches of posts so you'd really be behind an I'd wake up one day with 20 new comments.. :P

Noisy Quiet said...

Ah yes, but it would take me longer to get to you! When it's simple, I get caught up so much faster :) :)

Maybe I could write 20 comments on your one or two posts!

Mark O'Neill said...

I don't know. I may have to sample that combination of breakfast flavors to determine for myself if it would be a best-seller or not. Did you happen to save what was left?

In regards to the comment on Judy's post, about not going somewhere without your spouse, you said you were not sure you knew anyone like that. Allow me to introduce myself...I'm Mark. I have felt that way for thirty-one years, even though I have only been diagnosed with mood spectrum disorder for ten weeks.

Noisy Quiet said...

Hi Mark!

Just store a bag of Bounce and a bag of oatmeal next to each other in a closet for a month and that should do it! ;)

Re the vacation thing: So you're saying that wanting to vacation with your spouse is *not* due to any kind of mental disorder ;)

I'm not surprised after reading your post :)

I am surprised though, in general. Like with Judy's post. Maybe because I'm single so I vacation alone all the time! Also, although pretty much every married person I know would LOVE to take a vacation with their spouse, they also think nothing of going on a vacation without them, whether for work, or a conference the spouse has no interest in, or going away with golf buddies or girlfriends (husbands and wives respectively! ;) ). So they do things without each other at times. The thought that someone absolutely would NOT go on a vacation without their spouse (not counting someone who'd be afraid to) is unusual to me. And really lovely. It got me thinking that if I had a spouse, I'd love if they said they wouldn't go on a vacation without me. That would be amazing :) I am so happy to know people have loves like yours and hers.

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