Stop acting like an inmate!

A woman kept yelling this at someone a few yards behind me. Eventually I glanced to see what was going on. I thought she might be annoyed with an adult who was having socialization problems now that they were no longer incarcerated, but no. The comment was directed at a child who was being too rowdy.

I suppose it's no worse than saying "Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off." I mean seriously, is that an image you want in your kids' heads, right next to their dreams of lollipops and rainbow colored unicorns?

Still... "Stop acting like an inmate!?" What the heck?

* From my Draft Folder



Judy said...

I think that's hilarious! When I was growing up we lived right next to the 5 freeway in So Cal (a brick wall divided our backyard from northbound traffic!). Once when I was young my mom must have been so so frustrated because she said "Go play on the freeway!" hahaha. I turned out okay and never had nightmares about it!

Noisy Quiet said...

"Go play on the freeway!" Lol!

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