Saved to draft

I have over 50 unpublished posts saved to draft.

Some are rants. Writing about something that irks me is easy. Publishing it, not so much.

Some are rambly - You know. The ones written on days when you think "I'll just write something. That's gotta be better than nothing." - And then realize, it's not.

Many are writing prompts that I had answers to but don't think they're interesting enough to warrant cluttering up the blog and/or the interwebnet.

Some were timely. And the time passed.


Above is FROM "Draft Folder!" :)

Will publish "from draft" this week.


Stella said...

Oh NQ! You've done this a couple of times, admitted to interesting rant type drafts and NOT posted them. Damn. You'll notice I rant all the time. :-)

Noisy Quiet said...



Wait... who said "interesting???" Lol! Said "Rant!" :D

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