Just a spoonful of sugar....

My friend's kids got a cake making kit. Guess who got to supervise?

Here's how they're supposed to look

And here's how they actually looked.

(We liked to call this "the cheeseburger stage")

The cakes were about the size of a cupcake bottom with no top, and there was more icing on these than cake, so when the kids asked if they could eat them, I said they could each have 1/4 of their cakes. - Which was essentially the same thing as scooping out 2 tablespoons of confectioner's sugar, adding food coloring, and saying "here!"

It didn't take long before their speech ramped up to about a hundred miles per hour and they were ricochetting off the walls. Their "crashes" later were just as evident. Funny to watch, in a way, but thank God I didn't say "Sure! Pop the whole thing in your mouth!" 


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