My new job as pool boy (girl)

Not really. Not exactly anyway. I'm not even a pool type of person, but I can be persuaded when the temperature is above 80 and there's a large body of cold water just a few feet away from the living room. Except when there's a thin film of dead bugs on the top. My friend's solution? "Just take a shower when you get out!" - Um... no.

So I've taken up the role of pool boy (I've never heard of pool girls. They must exist but I'm stuck on the pool boy image so I'll go with that.) My first day of skimming bugs I was certain there must be a technique for maximizing bug collection vs just pushing them around the pool more. Now, on what I think is day 3 or 4 of my endeavor, I think I actually am improving in my technique.

How is there no robot to do this yet? A little floaty thingy that collects surface stuff? How complicated can that be? I looked them up online and all I found were scrubbers for the bottom, filters that are on the side that supposedly draw all the pool water into them eventually, and nets for manual use. But no floating auto collecting thingamabob. (Ok, there was one solar powered one but it was over a thousand dollars.)

The pool is finally looking better but I can still see things floating on the surface. It's possible I'm just looking too closely now. Maybe that's the way all pools are and I never looked at them long enough to notice. A visiting relative of course sees nothing. They keep walking over to the shaded side of the pool, and declaring that the water is crystal clear. I tell them it's not and that they just can't see the bugs as easily on the darker side of the pool. "Oh!" they reply "So they're attracted to the sunny side of the pool?" - Yes, that's it. The dead bugs are attracted to the light. They're trying to get to their afterlife....


Judy said...

I love your sense of humor! I also cannot stand to be in a pool . . .or anything else . . . where there are bugs. AND, I think you should invent something to skim the bugs and gunk off the top of pools. You may be onto something there! If I had a pool, I'd buy one.

Noisy Quiet said...

If I had a pool I'm sure I *would* invent one!

Stella said...

I think you could make a bundle inventing one. And I've also noticed that my older relatives who need glasses don't even notice the dog fur all over the place. . .so maybe they've just taken off their glasses?

Anny Sabine said...

Who goes into a pool that is covered in dead bugs? That is nasty okay. NASTY.

I guess what you're actually looking for is something like one of those robot vacuum cleaners but with propellers instead of wheels and where it sucks stuff up at the front instead of under it. An obviously with floaty pillows on the sides to keep it floating.
Yep, I think I can do this!

Noisy Quiet said...

Stella: Their glasses, their hearing aids... ;)

Anny: Yes, something like that! Let me know when you've made one and I'll send my friend over! ;)

I'm surprised nothing like that exists already. Maybe I just used the wrong search terms. Like I said, I found an expensive solar powered one. I also found a toy boat that does this, with a remote control but it wasn't automated and I didn't find any reviews on it. Ah well...

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