Deck the Blog... and so on

Someday maybe I'll decorate this blog for each holiday. For now, I'll decorate as I can! Credits for the current "makeover" are below.

  • Snow Girl, Tree Favicon, and Background Graphics from: The Wonder of Christmas
  • Holly Graphic from: Webweaver's Free Clipart
  • Modified Blogger Awesome Ink template
  • Label Cloud code by Phydeaux3
  • Label Cloud "number of results per page" tweak from Hackosphere
  • Code fix for Awesome Ink templates, that allows posts from the same date to appear as separate posts instead of one long post, from Southern Speakers
  • Author Comment Highlight code (slightly modified) from Tips for New Bloggers
  • "Break out of Frameset" code from
  • Additional Favicon code (since Blogger's wasn't showing up in all browsers) generated at Happy Blogging
  • Hide/Show, Expand/Collapse, Peekaboo, Sidebar and post code from: Blog U


Judy said...

I always love your blog template. I think I may need to visit my friendly friend expert in blogging so she can show me how to change mine without totalling messing it up!

Thanks for sharing the Christmas spirit with your pretty blog :)

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you :) I love holidays. If I had a house I'd go NUTS decorating it at holiday time! One of my fantasies is to have a large storage space that would enable me to get loads of decorations for each holiday without worrying how the heck I'd store them the other 11 months of the year!

Re your blog template, consider creating a 2nd blog for testing. Then go into your profile settings and hide it. You can then play around and experiment with that one's template until you feel comfortable enough to change your regular blog.

Judy said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Anny Sabine said...

Can I just say that it looks really pretty? :D
I wish I was better at this stuff so I could change for the holidays too.. :O

Noisy Quiet said...

Thank you :)

Stella said...

I really need to borrow some of your decorating gusto. . . for the house, never mind the blog.

Noisy Quiet said...

I would SO decorate your house!!! I want a house to decorate. Not a house to take care of and pay for and pay taxes on... just a house to appear in and disappear from at will... and decorate at the holidays :)

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