In Flight

As I sit here on the plane, during an unusually bumpy takeoff, I am reminded of a really bad joke:

"I hope I die peacefully in my sleep, like my father. Not screaming in terror like his passengers."

I am also reminded that my Dramamine is in the overhead compartment. You know, the compartment you can't open during the flight? Not much help to me there.

Yes, I've already located the barf bag.

For anyone who's wondering, I escaped grope downs and naked X-rays so far. I'm also wearing a wireless bra. - That I remembered. But the Dramamine? That's out of reach!


Judy said...

Had myself a very very VERY bumpy ride home the other night. I, however, had on my underwire bra and never got a beep, a touch, a look, nothing. As a matter of fact, my husband forgot to take his keys and change out of his pockets and went through security just fine. Hmmmmm.

Noisy Quiet said...

The first flight was VERY bumpy. Taking off, landing, a few times in between... totally clear skies at both ends. Even a few feet off the ground during landing we were teetering back and forth. Either the pilot was in training or there's something wrong with that plane. The connecting flight was better - but I took two Dramamine in between just in case!

I'm sure bras don't set the machine off. Otherwise there'd be a whole lot of people stopped! I'm just paranoid. I don't want a grope down or naked xray! It's a small but silly thing to do for added (fake) peace of mind! lol! Kind of like wearing lucky socks :) I'm impressed your husband got through with his keys!

Anny said...

Wow I just realised why I'm always, always, ALWAYS caught and groped down when I travel. I swear I have never not been stopped. Hopefully I will remember to wear a wireless bra the next time I travel just to see if it makes ay difference :D

I'm glad you survived the trip! :)

Noisy Quiet said...

Lol! I got so paranoid about that with the machines. If you haven't already done so, you have to read the post I linked to for that part to see how crazy I can make myself ;) I never worried about this stuff until they got so invasive with the TSA screenings. Basically, if you get randomly selected for additional screenings here, you can be molested, photographed naked, or not fly. Those are your ONLY options if you're pulled out of line - with or without good reason. You can choose to be molested by a person of the same sex, or choose to have others watch while you get molested, but that's about it for your rights!

I STRONGLY object to the new procedures. If I didn't have to travel to do family stuff, I wouldn't fly. If it cost the same or less I'd definitely take trains or drive now, and I'd gladly spend the extra travel time doing so. I'd love to boycott and not travel, but I have to travel at times and this is the cheapest way.

Kelly said...

I think the new procedures are horrific and I'm appalled that more people aren't appalled by them. Glad you escaped molestation this time around. And, I assume, are back home away from the anger-making people.

Fraudster said...

Whenever I fly I start singing 'He'd waited his whole damn life to take that flight but when the plane crashed down he thought, well, isn't this nice...Isn't it ironic.' With apologies to Alanis Morisette if I've misquoted.

And BTW, insulin pumps and metal detectors...I now remove mine and risk it in the x-ray machine.

Happy travels.

Noisy Quiet said...

@ Kelly: Nope. :o/ I'm closer to some, and still a phone call/email away from others. I don't think they know I'm away, which is good.

@ Fraudster: Lol! I don't know that lyric. Re the pump, I've read awful things about people with prosthetics, and chairs, all sorts of medical equipment who were stopped and treated horribly. True, they could be a good way to sneak stuff in, but to be singled out every time you fly for that?

I saw a news report that there were new xrays suggested that would show the person like more of a chalk figure with shorts and a t-shirt on. Take out all the identifying features, and sexual features and show the outline along with anything that's NOT part of the human body. -WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT IDEA??! Grrrrrrr!

Stella said...

Oh, now you're making me anxious about the next time I fly. . do I even had a wireless bra?!

Noisy Quiet said...

I saw plenty of women who I am SURE were not wireless or bra-less, so I'm sure you'd be fine. I'm just extra uneasy about tempting fate!

Noisy Quiet said...

@ Kelly: Trying to get some reading in and just checked your site. -Laughed (When the heck did that go up?! Very clever!) then slapped my head, and thought "Man!!!! Not again!!!!" ;)

- Still happy to see you! :)

Kelly said...

God, I KNOW! And you don't know how much I hate it when bloggers I follow get wishy washy with the "I'm going away," "no I'm not," disappearing act thing - right up until I became that kind of blogger. I think I knew my heart wasn't in it anymore and I needed to shift focus, but I couldn't bear to let it go. But now it feels right to withdraw. I'd like to think I might have a presence on the internet again one day, slightly more fiction related, but I don't see it happening soon - especially since I really want to make sure it's something I want to stick with before I start things back up. Anyway, I'll still be around. Glad you enjoyed my parting image. ;)

Noisy Quiet said...

Lol about "right up until I became that kind of blogger!" :D

I'd just be non-commital and leave all the blog incarnations up (unless there was stuff I didn't want up there at all.) then write or don't write. I think people should write in blogs at their own pace. Your rules, and no one else's (not even mine if I say "Um hello out there?" ;) ) -Unless someone has aspirations of being a paid blogger who writes for money, and not "just because," which is a whole other thing.

I can see you as a "Fiction related" presence. Or a more fictional presence... Hey maybe that's what all this is.... "I *think* there was a blog there.... was it ever real?..." - Kind of Brigadoon-ish! :D

You know I'll read whatever/however you present yourself, so let me know if the island re-emerges from the mist. Or heck, just write comments here! (hee hee!)

I really am happy to "see" you! I think about your house and your family, (and your zombies) and hope you're all doing well :)

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