Containment Breached

Don't even pretend to not know what I'm talking about!

The good news is that there was no odor. That was my fear. That there would be some horrible egg gas released. That's why I was worried about simply tossing them into the trash because I didn't want them to explode and release "agent egg" all over my kitchen. But one exploded all by itself, and it was the NON mutant one! Or at least the less mutant one.

... It's always the quiet ones.

I think that because it was unable to ooze, it couldn't handle the internal gaseous pressure anymore. I'd actually considered that the lack of ooze on that one might lead to exactly this outcome, but then I ignored that thought. After all, that's the one that looked more normal (There's a life lesson in there...)

Fortunately, I'd deliberately kept them in a small door compartment so the damage was contained. There were a few minor splatter marks but the rest stayed within a little pop out module that I soaked, washed, and white vinegared for about an hour. Then the module was returned to its former location in the refrigerator door.

It looked like caramel. Really. In both color and viscosity. And again, much to my surprise, there was no odor. No I didn't take a picture - again. I considered it but my urge to clean ASAP won out.

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering where the other egg is? It's in the trash. Hey, with the threat of rotten egg odor gone, what do I care if it explodes in there!


Anny Sabine said... can it NOT smell? That is so weird O.o

Noisy Quiet said...

I KNOW!!! RIGHT??? But it didn't! I didn't stick my nose ALL the way in it, but my fridge smelled fine, and from a few inches away the little drawer/container/module/thing didn't have any noticeable odor either.

Anny Sabine said...

I'm intrigued, I might try to get someone to do some research on that, haha!

Although I have to say this was a bit of an anticlimactic ending, I hoped for the eggs to explode against someone's head :P

Noisy Quiet said...

It's only anticlimactic because you didn't have to clean it up :D

The eggs probably wouldn't have been very effective if they weren't stinky. My aim is not that good in the dark... through two inches of open window... from down on the floor so I don't get seen... ;)

Anny Sabine said...

I would so want to see that though, your ninja skills :P
It's funny because I realised today that I have 3 eggs in the fridge that have been there for way too long and I'm seriously thinking I might keep them to see when they explode but...uuh. Well it's a bit weird, isn't it? Any advice? ;)

Noisy Quiet said...

Yes it is ;)

I'm sure there's information on the Internet about it. Probably different chemicals you can soak it in etc if that's what you're *trying* to do. I DIDN'T want mine to explode! Lol!

I know that if an egg doesn't explode, eventually (maybe in a year?) the yolk will completely dry up and harden and will be like a little ball inside a hollow shell. I had an Easter Egg that went that route when I was a kid. Oh, but that one was probably hard boiled first...

Anny Sabine said...

..what is it with you and keeping eggs for WAY too long? I sense a habit here, are you sure you shouldn't see someone about that? :P

In fact, there is information about making eggs explode..sometimes Google manages to surprise even me;

Noisy Quiet said...

See? Google knows everything :)

Stella said...

I"m sorry but this is all just strange, I think there's an egg obsession happening here . . the only thing that goes off in my fridge is the yoghurt. It acquires all that pretty bacteria: blue, black, orange. . . and the beauty of yoghurt is it doesn't smell when it goes off. Of course it's always wise to look into your yoghurt tub before starting to eat it. . .The same goes for bread actually.

Noisy Quiet said...

Same pretty much goes for everything. ;)

Kelly said...

"... It's always the quiet ones." LOL - I was going to say the same thing!

I've very much enjoyed your eggy halfway science experiment halfway life lesson exploration. And I would be so tempted to try that clever water trick you mentioned in the last post - right onto my landlord's head, but then we're the only ones who live upstairs so he would PROBABLY know it was me. ;)

Noisy Quiet said...

Your landlord would have to be staying put in one place and not moving -which is the only reason I ever tossed water on people. So they'll move along and be loud somewhere else.

Of course you did say your landlord lives below you right? There are probably places where a bucket of water will go straight through the floor... You could have a mystery leak...

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