6 Year Old "Dream"

What did you dream last night?

6 year old

(This was the kind of "ummmm" that let me know she was about to invent a story. Which is just as good in my book!)

6 year old
I dreamt that you and me were in a park. And there were 100 kids. And 15 ponies. And the ponies could fly! And I got on a blue flying pony, and you got on a pink one, and they had pink wings. And we flew up up in the sky. And we flew to a park where you live. And we got off the ponies and we were jumping and climbing and playing on the rocks. And then we saw Mommy and Daddy, and Mommy got on your pony and Daddy got on my pony and they flew away.

They left us? Then what did we do?

6 year old
No. We were on the ponies too.

Oh ok.

6 year old
And then we flew to [another State] and got [siblings] and they got on our ponies too. And then we got [pets] and they were on the ponies too.

And then we flew to Africa.

And there was a food court there.

And we ate pillows.

We ate pillows?

6 year old
Yeah, like the blue one on my bed.

What did the pillows taste like?

6 year old
Raspberry, and cherry, and grape. And they were all different colors. And we each ate two pillows. Except the pets. They shared one pillow.

And then I woke up.


Stella said...

Cool. Flying ponies, so much better than actual BIRDS. I like this 6 year old. And eating the pillow thing I totally get, it'd kind of be like flavoured fairy floss.

Anny Sabine said...

See, sometimes I really wish I was a kid again. I could never make a story like that up, my mind is too realistic and too scarred from reality and life. I want my innocent mind with flying ponies back!

Noisy Quiet said...

I love this kid :D

That we flew to Africa surprised me. No idea where that came from. And I loved "and there was a food court" - In Africa.

When I was little, there was a pony shaped swing in a real park, that would become a flying pony in my dreams. I had issues with flying in my dreams, though, and it seemed that extended to the pony, but more on that another time ;)

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