Gingerbread Cookies

My mother and I tried decorating Gingerbread cookies this year. It was our first time. They came out a little scary.

We had second thoughts about giving them as gifts, but I decided that we worked hard on them and people WERE going to get them gosh darn it! (Even if I had to enclose a disclaimer explaining why they were a bit odd!)

Everybody loved them (I knew they would). One family member asked:
So did you bake the cookies too? Or just desecrate them?
We just desecrated them. They came in a kit. A Gingerbread Desecrating kit.


Kelly said...

Those are AWESOME!

Noisy Quiet said...


We tried SO HARD to make straight neat lines and to copy the pictures on the box! Lol! But everything kept coming out crooked or in big globs... eyes kept falling off...

They were much smaller than we expected too, which made things even harder. About the height of your index finger. -Yeah, that small!

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