Deck the blog with boughs of holly II

Yes, I decided to spruce up the blog again. -You know... the blog I rarely write in. Hey, it's a matter of principle!

It's similar to last years' holiday look (shown in the post pictured above, with the yellow columns), but I modified one of Blogger's new templates this time so I could play with some of their new features.

If you haven't checked out Blogger's new templates and template designer yet, go play. Lots more options if you're not programming savvy. And a bit more to learn if you are ;)

No snowflakes following the cursor yet. It was slowing things down, but I'll try adding them again soon to see if the problem was the new template or my computer getting tired. I miss the snowflakes. I'd like them back!

The Details:

- yes it's here again! - 
Holiday Season!


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