Where I've been... Where I am

A family emergency turned my two week trip into a two month trip. -The family member is fine. A fall, a break, they live alone, I had to set up medical services for them and make sure they'd be ok when I left and wouldn't starve etc.

During those two months I had little access to the internet, slow access to the internet, or no time to get ON the internet.

So... here I am, home at last, but...

Remember when I broke my computer about 2 days into NABLOPOMO? I finally took it in to be looked at and it'll cost as much to fix as it would to buy a new computer. Which is what I will probably do, but not for another month or so. So once again, I have limited to no Internet access for a while longer.

I'm looking forward to being able to leisurely blog again, but I should warn you, this kind of thing happens a lot in my life. "Stuff" happens and I can be offline for months at a time. Hopefully I'll have time to blog again soon. See you then!


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