Overheard: Cell Phone Conversation

Man on cell phone

Oh ok, that's where they hold IMPACT. 
[*Note: The only IMPACT I know is a self defense class.]
You have to be Mormon to get the discount.
No, the price is the same but they give you two extra women.

Um.... what??? Lol!


Josie said...

I"m thinking it's most likely this. .. ., coz it also makes absolutely no sense to me. . . .

Where do you hear these conversations? Is there a non-impact where I can get two extra man?
Josie x

Noisy Quiet said...


So in your version, you buy software and get two men free? ;)

This was someone on the bus talking on their cell phone right next to me. I almost asked him what the heck he was talking about when he hung up. I should have. He probably would have told me. - Or messed with me and said something more bizarre!

The thing is, whatever he was talking about was in the same building as IMPACT so it's possible the mormon discount and two extra women were for that. - Which doesn't sound any better! lol!

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